1. Introduction
NestEGG coin was developed to give the average person an opportunity to benefit from the ever growing and increasing value of crypto currency. We found many coins that were based on really nothing but a concept or perceived value. Egg coin will be based on a diverse portfolio of Coins like Bitcoin, Litecoin etc. as well as Masternodes.
By combining both Coin appreciation of the held coins and the income of the masternodes we will be able to continually increase our coins value. We will maintain a number of our own masternodes as assets as well. We believe whole heartedly in our concept and therefore should hold several masternodes as Assets.

2. Mission
Our mission is and always will be to increase the income of our Egg holders to afford them the Retirement they deserve to enjoy. We will strive to find and purchase long term growth coins and masternodes every day. We also believe that we can educate our Egg holders in the use of crypto currency in everyday life which will help to increase the crypto market as a whole.

3. Formula For Success
The process that we intend to follow is this:
A. Pre mine 1,000,000 coins
B. Offer 500,000 for sell before our acceptance on an exchange
C. We will build 100 masternodes with the remainder.
D. From the sell of the 500,000 we with Purchase
a. 25% stakeable high volume coins
b. 25% High Volume Traded Coins
c. 25% Well established Masternodes with high ROI
d. 25% Owners and hiring additional developers
E. We will begin the process of getting listed on several exchange’s
F. During this time we will begin selling mined coins and increasing NestEGG coins value.
G. We will use our Investment coins like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Tether as leverages to barrow against and invest in more masternodes to exponentially increase the value of NestEGG.
H. We will open our membership website up for Coin Holders so that they can see details of our investments Real time. We will make available updated numbers weekly on our general public webpages.
I. We plan to offers rewards for Masternode and coin suggestions that become lucrative. For example, NestEGG owner suggests XYZ coin masternode. We buy enough coins for 3 nodes and the nodes produce profitable returns in 180 days that person gets one of the nodes.

Example of Growth Process
Masternodes (Other than EGGnodes) $25,000.00
Coins $25,000.00
EGG Coins $25,000.00 (Market Value)
Total $75,000.00

Total NestEGG coins out 2,000,000

Coin Value $0.0375

Revenue Monthly
Masternodes (Sell mined Coins) $2500.00
Coins Appreciation (Sell off gains of 10%) $2500.00
EGG Coins Sell off (Our Masternodes) $18750.00
Total $23,750.00
Buy Coin and Masternodes $11,875.00 (added to Coin Value)
Taken for expenses $11,875.00

So you can see that we only make money and the coins value grows.

4. Once all the coins are all out in 10 to 20 years they will still be growing in value based on the owned masternodes revenue produced monthly.

Collateral 25,000 Eggs
Payout 129,600 Eggs per day divided up among all Masternodes

Payout Per Node Based on Eggs Per Day ROI Per Year
100 Masternodes 1,296 Eggs Each Per Day 1866%
200 Masternodes 648 Eggs Each Per Day 933%
400 Masternodes 324 Eggs Each Per Day 466%
600 Masternodes 216 Eggs Each Per Day 311%
800 Masternodes 162 Eggs Each Per Day 233%
1000 Masternodes 129 Eggs Each Per Day 186%
1200 Masternodes 108 Eggs Each Per Day 155%
1400 Masternodes 92 Eggs Each Per Day 133%
1600 Masternodes 81 Eggs Each Per Day 116%

As you can see we built our masternodes to produce the best return regardless of the total number of them.

By taking a new approach to the masternode project space, Nest Eggs offer a game-changing opportunity for investors. As the Nest Egg project progresses, its Growth reserves will sustain demand and fund future investment. As a result, Nest Egg Coin is in a class of its own and will continue to provide value and income for its investors for the foreseeable future.

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