Timeline of NestEGG

2020 Q1

  • Idea for NestEgg Born
  • Develop NestEgg Coin
  • Design the Investment Profile for the Masternodes we will invest in

2020 Q2

  • Troubleshoot Wallet and Masternode
  • Purchase infrastructure to host our own Masternodes
  • Create partnerships with hosting and investment sites
  • Listing on Crex24, Yobit and Graviex
  • Use EGG sales to Purchase High ROI and Long term Masternodes Backing the Value of our EGGS

2020 Q3

  • Invest in NestEgg.Exchange
  • Starting our Youtube channel to educate our Eggvestor on our Egg and Crypto Currency
  • Hold competition for Masternode Suggestions to invest in
  • Evaluate our Eggs value to decide if we need to burn coins to increase our value

2020 Q4

  • Start our Autotrading Bot to grow our BTC, ETH, LTC and Other Coins Backing our EGGS
  • Add our products to our site showcasing our logo: Hats, Shirts, Stickers and Cups
  • Create a Christmas Air Drop for all EGGvestors Registered on our website for our newsletter

2021 Q1

  • Evaluate the Coins performance and determine if a MaserNode collateral change is needed.