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Meets Today

Our mission is and always will be to increase the income of our Egg holders to afford them the Retirement they deserve to enjoy. We will strive to find and purchase long term growth coins and masternodes every day. We also believe that we can educate our Eggvestors in the use of crypto currency in everyday life which will help to increase the crypto market as a whole.

Welcome to Nestegg coin 

We are a next generation Investing Platform

We use cryptocurrency masternodes and staking to create a monthly income for retirement.


Financial Planning

We take our revenue from masternodes we hold and the sale of our own coin and invest in more masternodes to increase our Eggvestors monthly incomes.


Create a Diverse Portfolio

We invest in Masternodes  and cryptocurrency with high return potential. We comb thru all the data and find the needle in the haystack so you don’t have to.


Digital Wealth Management

The future of currency is in the Crypto world and we manage all the different income sources that live there for the Eggvestors.

One Size Fits One 

We Have Created a Strategy That Works For Retirement Income

We invest the revenue from coin sales into Masternodes that pay high and low returns for diversification. Then we continue  to increase the value of the Eggs by reinvesting the income from those Masternodes. 

How We Work. Our Mission & Values

NestEGG coin was developed to give the average person an opportunity to benefit from the ever growing and increasing value of cryptocurrency. Egg coin will be based on a diverse portfolio of Coins like Bitcoin, Litecoin etc. as well as Masternodes and Staking.

        By combining both Coin appreciation of the held coins and the income of the masternodes we will be able to continually increase our coins value. We will maintain a number of our own masternodes as assets as well. We believe whole heartedly in our concept and therefore should Risk our personal assets as well. 

Fanancial Information 

We are not a Financial Institution we are Eggheads that have found a steady source of income and want to share the process with a chosen few. 

Retirement Plans

Everyone has heard 100s of ideas for retirement plans. We are a new one and made up of the future of the financial World. Blockchain is the future of finance. Google it and see all the big players and their plans to implement it in their business model because of its security.

Estate Planning

We are not Estate planners we are geeks that have found a system built on digital currency to increase our retirement incomes.

Impact Investing 

As for impact investing we dig in to all new cryptocurrencies that have masternodes and invest early to capture maximum growth.

Risk Management

As with any purchase of something new there is a risk. We are taking advantage of every digital security measure like double firewalls and the newest encryption software to keep our assets safe. 

Portfolio Management

We are managing a Portfolio made up of Masternodes, Staking and Crypto Currencies with the Highest Growth Potential so you do not have to.

Masternodes & Staking

These are the vehicles we will be using to fuel our income growth. You will actually be benefiting from the NestEgg Coin Masternode and its high ROI. We built it to last for 20 yrs plus. We also built it for the individual that would not have a chance of doing this on their own. 

We are dedicated to Growing you retirement Income

Let Us Help You Take Your Money To New Heights

We know what we are doing is new and uncharted so we ask that you take responsible steps to not over extend yourself. We will work hard to create the safest environment for your income growth. We will also keep you informed as to what we are doing and thinking at all times. We will have many ways to contact us unlike ALL the other start ups out there.


Eggvestors Resources and News

We will work hard to keep you abreast of the changing tides in the Cryptocurrency ocean of choices. 

More on Forking

Dear Eggvestors we are announcing a fork for the Egg Coin. The only things changing in that fork is that we are moving from POW to POS. Same Payouts 90 for MN and 10 for staking. The minimum for staking is 10,000 eggs. That fork is targeted to happen by the end of...

We are about to start forking around!

We are planning an upgrade to our coin. We will be forking to a POS coin with same payouts 90 MN 10 Staking. We are dev it now and will keep trading till change over. Ample notice will be given. This fork will make us stronger for the long haul ahead. Thx for your...


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We are real people doing a real job at creating a unique and profitable coin so please Contact Us.

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 Don and Jere are the Eggheads. We are Eggvestors as well which keeps us keenly aware of how each and every Eggvestor is doing. Our backgrounds are diverse and all goal oriented to building the Safest and Profitable masternode available in the market today. We strive to be unique and cutting edge in the cryptocurrency world. You are welcome to contact us with your ideas and your concerns. We are real people unlike other Coins. 


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